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5 best GTA Online money glitches that still work



5 best GTA Online money glitches that still work june 2023

5 best GTA Online money glitches that still workGTA Online money glitches are some of the most popular exploits for players to abuse. While gamers have to be wary of getting banned, the rewards are more than worth it.

Cash is the most important resource in this game, so having a way to get a ton of it really quickly is a godsend. This article will feature 5 bests GTA Online money glitches.

These GTA Online money glitches were tested and confirmed to be functional as of the writing date (June). There is a possibility that they may have been patched by the time this article reaches the reader’s eyes. However, it is worth noting that certain exploits have been in existence for a number of months already.

Five working GTA Online money glitches that are great for making (June 2023)

1) Heist Replay Glitch (Cayo Perico Heist)

Watch On Youtube: Cayo Perico Heist REPLAY GLITCH in 2023! No Preps Anymore (PC/PS4/PS5/XBOX) Guide – GTA Online

All major heists have a Heist Replay Glitch that players can exploit in GTA Online. It basically allows gamers to do the finale again without doing the prep missions. This allows you to save a lot of time and earn millions per hour. After all, you make little to nothing with the prep missions, so getting to skip them for the lucrative finale is useful.

The exploit is commonly employed in the Cayo Perico Heist, which tends to be the preferred choice among players. The accompanying video elucidates the glitch’s method for this particular heist quite effectively. Nevertheless, for readers seeking a concise overview, it is important to note that they must successfully complete the Elite Challenges and subsequently disconnect from GTA Online during the cutscene where they receive the money.

For instance, PC players can disconnect their Ethernet cable and activate airplane mode. When executed accurately, the heist’s funds should be obtained, allowing for a repeat of its finale. It is advisable to research other Heist Replay Glitches for alternative heists, as the timing required to trigger those exploits may vary.

2) Frozen Money Glitch


GTA Online boasts several iterations of the Frozen Money Glitch. Instances encompass the utilization of save wizards and orchestrating a fatal mishap for a bird in the game’s single-player Director Mode. Nevertheless, the video showcased above presents an entirely distinct technique that potentially streamlines the employment of the Frozen Money Glitch.

You just have to:

  1. Log in.
  2. Choose to create a second character.
  3. Buy some Deluxos (or another expensive vehicle that you can sell).
  4. While on the webpage for the Deluxo (or a different vehicle), make sure to disconnect from the internet and reconnect.
  5. In story mode, enter Director Mode via the Interaction Menu.
  6. Select Actors.
  7. Select Animals.
  8. Hover over a bird (like a Chickenhawk) and wait for five seconds.
  9. Use the Exit to Story Mode option to leave.
  10. Start an Invite Only Session for GTA Online.
  11. Cancel the alert.
  12. Go to a clothing store, buy an outfit, and then save it.
  13. Visit the apartment and swap the Deluxos’ placements. If you bought a different set of vehicles, then switch them.
  14. Change the outfit via the Interaction Menu to force a save.

If done correctly, you will have the same amount of money as you had before you used this exploit. You can then sell the Deluxos (or other duplicated vehicles) for easy cash.

3) Cayo Perico door glitch

Watch On Youtube: All in ONE Cayo Perico Door Glitch SOLO in MAY 2023! GTA Online! *ANOTHER UPDATED*

Several iterations of this exploit have persisted for a considerable duration. For the uninitiated, this money glitch enables GTA Online players to access the rooms within El Rubio’s compound individually. Ordinarily, at least one additional player would be required to gain entry into these rooms.

Here is a quick list of timestamps for the above video for players seeking to no-clip their way into each room with secondary targets:

  • 1:14
  • 2:46
  • 3:50
  • 4:50

4) Nightclub Marcel exploit

One of the assignments bestowed upon players by Marcel entails evicting a disruptive individual from the Nightclub premises. Typically, this task can be swiftly accomplished within a few seconds. However, it is worth mentioning that there exists a money glitch that allows for its repeated execution, enabling players to amass substantial wealth with minimal effort.

To partake in this glitch, you will require a Nightclub with a popularity level above zero. Activate Passive Mode and enter the club. Proceed to the dance floor and await a text from Marcel regarding the aforementioned disruptive individual. By successfully ejecting them, you will be rewarded with $10,000.

Exit the Nightclub and re-enter it. GTA Online players should constantly get somebody new to kick out for easy cash. This will also easily max out your Nightclub Popularity.

5) Car Duplication


Note: Players can lose cash if they do not perform this exploit correctly. You are advised to carefully watch the above video or similar guides to get the exact timing down perfectly. You also need custom plates.

You will need the following to use this GTA Online money glitch:

  • Arena Workshop
  • A car you plan to duplicate
  • A free vehicle you can easily replace
  • FCR 1000

Get on the FCR 1000 and modify it in the Arena Workshop. Upgrade it to its Benny’s counterpart and almost immediately use the Home Screen button. If done correctly, the bike’s model would change a bit. Spam the Accept button afterward.

Now swap the vehicle you want with the free one. Enter the car you plan to duplicate and try to modify it in the Arena Workshop. Change anything on it and then exit the workshop. You can repeat the process until you have no more freebies to duplicate over.

Change your outfit to force a save and enter a new session. This money glitch helps you make cash as you can sell the duped vehicles, which have a much higher value than the free ones. Also, only sell up to seven duplicated cars every 30 hours to avoid detection.

Rockstar Games usually patches these methods fairly quickly, but such exploits almost always involve GTA Online players no-clipping through some clever manipulation of the compound’s physical geometry.

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